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Until now, no convenient portable solution has offered both Point-of-Sale and multiple secure payment technologies in one device. We’ve changed all that with duo, a hand held Mobile POS and EFTPOS device for the Retail, Hospitality & Service industries.


duos unique two-sided architecture allows sales to be entered on one side, and payments processed on the other. By adding in on board wireless technologies, duo delivers a truly mobile and completely personal engagement with customers.


duo can even replace other hand held devices such as scanners and PDTs traditionally used for stock take and inventory lookups by porting these applications straight on to duo.


Many functions. One device.


Large Colour LCD

Big, bold and bright, duos large 4.3” colour touchscreen makes it easy to use, even without a stylus.


Open Architecture

Windows CE 6.0 provide the flexibility to port existing mobile applications to duo, or develop entirely new applications


Wireless Connectivity

On board Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi provides flexibility to connect to peripherals such as receipt printers and cash drawers, along with any available network infrastructure.

Barcode Scanner

duos built in laser barcode scanner delivers fast and reliable barcode reading.


Long Life Battery

High capacity (2300mAh) Li-Ion battery provides long operating times, with easy infield replacement by users.


Extensive Memory

128MB on-board flash memory, plus a Micro SD slot provides ample storage for applications and data.


Speed of service

duo PINpad's on-board 32 bit RISC microprocessor delivers fast payment transactions.

Elegant yet durable

Designed for use in demanding situations, duō provides protection from everyday knocks, dust and spills common in retail and hospitality environments.


Award Winning

In recognition of the innovation and design quality that duo represents, the Australian International Design Awards committee selected duo for a Good Design award in 2011.


Australian Designed. Australian Manufactured.

duo is designed and built in Australia by Quest, Australia's only full-service EFTPOS hardware and software company.


EMV Chip card reader


duo's smart card payment interface accepts EMV enabled chip cards which provide enhanced transaction security over traditional magnetic stripe cards.


Contactless reader (optional accessory)


Speed up the payment process for low value transactions with duos optional contactless card interface. Simply tap a Visa PayWave™ or MasterCard PayPass™ contactless card, or wave an NFC-enabled mobile phone directly over duo's dedicated tap zone for fast checkout with no PIN or signature.

Magnetic stripe reader


duo's magnetic stripe card interface enables magnetic stripe cards including debit/ATM, gift card and loyalty to be accepted.


In busy restaurants and bars, use duo to take customer orders directly at the table, sending them wirelessly to the kitchen or bar in a flash. Return to the table, retrieve a customer bill and process the payment there and then. duo even enables you to accept tips for both debit and credit cards (even on PIN based transactions), or add a surcharge by payment card type. duo lets you spend more time in and around your customers.


In busy retail stores, duo delivers an extra till whenever you need it. Scan merchandise using duo’s inbuilt barcode scanner, finalise the sale and take debit and credit card payments anywhere on the shop floor. Reduce walkaways during peak trading periods by turning any available sales assistant into a cashier. Even reduce the number of traditional registers in stores, giving you back valuable space for merchandise.



Software Development Kits provide you with the building blocks to bring applications for duo to life quickly. Port an existing POS application to duo, or develop an entirely new one. Perhaps you want to run your stock take or inventory application on duo? You can, by porting your applications very easily using the duoApplication SDK.



duoDesktop for Windows provides a central hub for configuring and maintaining duo devices, including the ability to configure network settings and deploy new versions of software to multiple duos.




Charge Cradle


Give duo a home with the purpose built recharge cradle. Space to charge a spare battery also so you’ll never be caught short. Contact us for more information and availability.

Contactless (Build Option only)


Add contactless payments capability to duo with the duoAir contactless option. With duoAir fitted at manufacture you can start accepting Visa payWave™ and MasterCard PayPass™ enabled cards, along with payments from NFC enabled mobile phones. Contact us for more information and availability.



A convienent pouch designed specifically for duo. Use the adjustable belt provided and wear the pouch around your waist, or remove the belt and use the pouch as a protective storage case for duo. Contact us for more information and availability.





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